Article I - NAME: This organization shall be known as The Boomers.

Article II - PURPOSE: To create an environment to promote and further the Social Interaction of its members with meetings and functions both in and outside of the KPIT Campus.

Article III - MEMBERSHIP & HOSPITALITY: Membership is open to all Kings Point residents having club house certification and privileges, and upon payment of the annual dues as set by the Board of Directors. Dues paid by new members from September thru December shall be exempt from dues until the following December 1st. Renewal dues shall be collected between December 1st until the end of February. The Boomers Roster of March 1st shall include only members who have paid dues.

Article IV - OFFICERS: The officers shall be: A President and or a Co-President, A First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers shall serve for 1-year and be elected at the annual meeting in December. 
If the Office of President becomes vacant, the First Vice-President shall serve for the remainder of the term. If the First Vice-President cannot serve, the Second Vice-President shall fill the office.
If any Office, other than that of President becomes vacant, it shall be filled by appointment of the President until the next election.

Article V - Duties of the Officers: 
5.1 - President/Co-Presidents – The president is the Chief Executive Officer of The Boomers and shall preside at all regular meetings of the General Membership and the Steering Committee; serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee; shall see to it that all Committee Chairpersons know the duties of said committee chairmanship, and they perform those duties; shall appoint the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee. The President(s) shall supply annually a membership list and copy of By-Laws to the Social Director of KPIT. The President shall perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to this office and serve as the Chairperson(s) of the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee.
5.2 - First Vice-President – This officer shall be Chairperson of the External Functions Committees; shall create committees that organize a minimum of one monthly event for The Boomers that does not include the monthly General meeting; attend committee meetings during the planning stages of events; assist the President for the benefit of this club; shall perform the duties of the president in the absence of both presidents. And serve on the Board of Directors and steering committee.
5.3 - Second Vice-President – This officer shall serve as Chairperson of the Meetings Program Committees; shall create committees that plan fun events on nights when The Boomers meet for the General Meeting in the KPIT Clubhouse and attend the organizational meetings as to assure the success of said events; be responsible for hospitality and refreshments for General Meetings; shall be a member of the Membership Committee; shall assist the President for the benefit of this club; shall perform the duties of the First Vice-President if absent and serve on both the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee.. 
5.4 – Secretary – This officer shall record all business of the Board of Directors; record any business conducted and ideas for events at Planning Committee Meetings; send out electronic notices to the membership for meetings and fliers of upcoming events; print out all nametags and membership cards as needed and place new event fliers on KPIT bulletin board in clubhouse. The Secretary shall serve on the Steering Committee and serve on both the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee.
5.5 - Treasurer – This officer shall collect and record collection of funds and finances; work with membership to collect and process membership dues; rectify bank statements; pay necessary expenses incurred; and submit a written compilation of such finances to the membership at the Annual Meeting; and serve on the Steering Committee and serve on both the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee. 
5.6 - Term Limits – No officer can serve more than two (2) consecutive years in the same office.

Article VI - BOARD OF DIRECTORS: This Board shall be comprised of the elected officers and of the immediate past president(s). Dues shall be set by the Board of Directors annually.

Article VII - STEERING COMMITTEE: - This Committee shall consist of the elected officers and the Immediate Past President and those dedicated to the continued success of The Boomers. The Committee will be comprised of the Board Members and 6-Elected Members.

Article VIII - MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: – The Committee shall develop a recruitment strategy for acquiring new members; write letters or e-mails of appreciation when appropriate; work with events committee chairpersons and the volunteers who work on the committees; send out members’ birthday e-mails at the beginning of each month and recognize our birthday month celebrants at the general meetings; make available a monthly update of the membership roster with addresses, phone numbers and e-mails. A monthly updated roster shall go to the Presidents, vice presidents, board members, when necessary, as well as be available to any member in good standing with the understanding that roster shall be used exclusively for The Boomers’ Business. The committee shall advise members each October of upcoming collection of yearly dues as well as work with treasurer to collect and process dues. The committee shall present the secretary with all new members’ names, and residence section monthly throughout the year so that name-tags and membership cards can be issued. The committee shall maintain a membership table at all general meetings, meet and greet potential new members and aid in filling out membership forms while collecting new members’ dues and passing all checks and cash onto the treasurer with a list of new members. All dues checks are to be made out to ‘The Boomers.” The Chairperson of this Committee shall serve on the Steering Committee.

Article IX - PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE: -This Committee prepare an monthly article for inclusion in the Club Activities section of the KPIT LIFE; shall when appropriate prepare news articles for the KPIT LIFE about a recent Boomers' event; shall update the KPIT-TV news for viewing and develop a web page as either an independent Boomers' Web Page or as an adjunct to the KPIT Web-site.

Article IX - NOMINATING COMMITTEE: - The Chairman shall present a slate of proposed officers in November prior to the scheduled December elections.

Article X - COMMITTEES: - The President(s) shall appoint all Committee Chairpersons as required in the operation of this club.

Article XI - BY-LAWS: - By-Laws for the transaction of business of The Boomers may be adopted, amended or revoked at any meeting, by majority vote of the membership present.

Article XII - AMENDMENTS: Amendments to the Constitution can be made at any time after prior written or electronic notice to the membership. An affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members in good standing present shall be required.  A quorum of at least one-third of the paid up membership must be present before an amendment may by voted upon.