05/03/2017 06:30
THE BOOMERS MEETS ON THE 1ST WEDNESDAY (all 12 months) AT 6:30 IN THE CABARET..................OUR NEXT EVENT: ............. May 3rd Charity Auction – General meeting  Bring donations for auction; Professional auctioneer to conduct auction; Wine and...
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Welcome to Our Website.  

Let us give you some reasons to join THE BOOMERS.

THE BOOMERS has a large entertainment committee which works hard to prepare an interesting and diverse calendar of events.  In 2016 we had many outstanding events like a fantastic Super Bowl party, a Party by the Pool, an act by a professional comic/magician, a documentary film called “The Fabulous Fifties”, a dinner/show at The Feisty Bull, a talk by the Kissing Times Square Sailor, The Gallery of Amazing Things, Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby parties, Water Taxi trip, Davie Rodeo, a Naples trip - not to mention several live theater plays and outdoor concerts…the list goes on and on.  We hope that our 2017 events will be even more exciting.  

At monthly general meetings, we usually include music, dancing, videos and always offer refreshments. The annual membership is just $20 (prorated). The 2017 prorated club dues can be found under the ABOUT US tab. To see our signup form, click on the TAB, labeled JOIN.  As a member, all meetings will be FREE and you will be entitled to attend all outside, usually discounted, events. Please attend a general meeting (on the first Wednesday of each month at "6:45pm sharp" in the Cabaret) and have the usual $3 non-member entrance fee deducted (that night) from your annual dues. 

We will do our best to make you feel welcome.  Please take a moment to read FUTURE MEETINGS AND EVENTS on the HOMEPAGE tab to see the scheduled entertainment for meetings and outside events.  If you still have questions select the CONTACT US tab, which also contains a Feedback Form.

We look forward to meeting you.

We never accept cash; payments and deposits are by CHECK ONLY, payable to THE BOOMERS.

There's no better way to improve THE BOOMERS and make new friends (at the same time) than to VOLUNTEER.  And like all clubs, we always need more help.

When you become a member, within three days you will receive our welcoming BOOMERGRAM (containing a link to our website), via E-Mail, with all details of upcoming meetings and events.

Although rare, if we need to cancel an event or general meeting, it will be posted on this website.